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Level 8: Trading Psychology Quiz | Top Forex Brokers

Welcome to Level 8: Trading Psychology !

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1. My primary reason for trading is:
2. I regard myself as a:
3. I consider myself to be:
4. At a social event, do you:
5. Is it worse to:
6. I read books and magazines about trading and investing:
7. Are you more impressed with:
8. Are you more attracted to:
9. Which appeals to you more:
10. Are you more comfortable making:
11. I have been trading for:
12. Would you say you are more:
13. Before making a phone call, do you:
14. I would prefer to be trading:
15. Are visionaries:
16. Are you more often a:
17. Should events occur:
18. I currently make my living from:
19. In company, do you:
20. Common sense is:
21. In making decisions, do you feel more comfortable with:
22. Are you more:
23. Do you prefer:
24. Do you put more value on:
25. Are you more likely to:
26. Which rules you more:
27. I learn better:
28. Do you tend to look for:
29. Do you prefer:
30. Are you interested in:
31. I most often:
32. Do you more often prefer the:
33. Are you more likely to trust your:
34. Are you more inclined to be:
35. What appeals to you more:
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